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Take Your Kid to Work... IN SPACE!

Title: Joanna vs. The Enterprise
Author: [profile] down_fell_jill 
Rating: PG, mild swearing by Bonesy
Progress: 1/7
A/N: Written for McCoy-a-thon
, Prompt by [livejournal.com profile] jadecanary :

I'd love to see a take-your-daughter-to-work scenario where young Joanna McCoy comes to stay with Bones on the Enterprise for a week. Obviously SHENANIGANS occur, because at least some of that attitude must be passed down. Bonus points for Joanna having a crush on another crew member.

This is what I came up with *gg*


McCoy feels his jaw start to clench slightly, and takes in a deep breath to calm his temper down. He attempts to school his face into something resembling a patient look as he swivels around on his chair to look at the source of the noise. His daughter Joanna is perched on a medical bed, throwing some sort of ball against the wall in a rhythmically annoying fashion.


“Joanna,” McCoy says with a slight sigh, feeling a throbbing start at the side of his temple. “I thought we talked about you doing your assignments while Daddy looks at these cell samples?”

“I finished it,” His daughter sends him a stubborn look that screams ‘duh, stupid parental unit’. She must have got that from his ex-wife. He hears a muffled snort, and shifts a glare to his Nurse, but by then Christine is seemingly focused on her inventory notes again. Traitor.


He’s going to murder James T. Kirk for giving her that ball.

“Well sweetie,” Bones struggles to keep his voice in a soft quiet tone, because dammit, this is his daughter, not Jim Kirk, and he’s not going to yell at her for acting like a kid – unlike certain Captains, she actually is one. “Daddy’s got to finish these analyses by tomorrow, why don’t you read ahead for school and I’ll help you when I’m done?”

‘I finished daddy,” Joanna scowls at him, her eyebrows furrowed in the nine year old version of ‘you moron’. Definitely Eleanor’s influence. “I did all the work for the next two weeks in class, and mommy says I can’t work further than that or the teacher will write notes home again.”

Thunk –

Mercifully, Chapel reaches out a slim hand and catches the ball as it flies up towards the wall, narrowly avoiding hitting the diagnostic panel she was working on. Christine taps the panel twice to lock it before turning around and handing the ball back to his daughter, who looks up at Christine with something approaching a puppy-dog face. McCoy winces internally as his formidable aide shoots him a dark look, her arched golden brow screaming ‘why-are-you-boring-this-beautiful-child-you-monster’.

Maybe that’s just an exaggeration on his part, but only slightly. His Nurse is a veritable dragon, masquerading as a twenty-something blonde ensign. Even James Kirk doesn’t get on her bad side, after she stuck him with Tholian summer flu vaccine and his ears were blue for a week. He probably shouldn’t have laughed when Jim complained, that’s probably when he came up with this nefarious give-Joanna-annoying-toys plan. Ass-hat.

Doctor,” Chapel says in that sickly sweet tone she uses when she’s about to tell him what to do. “I can analyse those samples for you if you want to take Joanna to the mess for a snack.” The glare she sends his way quickly changes into a soft smile as she sees Joanna perk up in anticipation. “Maybe some ice cream?”

“Ice cream, are you –” his jaw clicks shut as Joanna claps her hands in excitement, changing in less than a second from bored to ecstatic. He swallows back his protest as he hears Joanna interrogate a laughing Chapel about the flavours of ice-cream on a starship. He huffs a bit before getting out of his extremely comfortable desk chair and walking over to his giggling daughter. “All right. Chapel, if you run into any problems – ”

“I’ll comm Spock,” Chapel grins at him and not so subtly pushes him towards the door. “Besides, I had the top grade in chromosomal analytics. Now go pretend to have fun... sir.”

McCoy glares at her as Joanna grabs his hand and starts tugging him down the hallway, practically bouncing in her excitement to leave the sickbay. He sighs and follows his daughter down the hall, trying not to glare at every passing crewman they run into on the way.

It’s going to be a long week.

ETA: Tuesday

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