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Title: Joanna vs. The Enterprise
Author: [profile] down_fell_jill 
Rating: PG, mild swearing by Bonesy
A/N: Written for McCoy-a-thon
, Prompt by [livejournal.com profile] jadecanary 

I'd love to see a take-your-daughter-to-work scenario where young Joanna McCoy comes to stay with Bones on the Enterprise for a week. Obviously SHENANIGANS occur, because at least some of that attitude must be passed down. Bonus points for Joanna having a crush on another crew member.

Oh man, I can't believe this is done! Longest time to respond to a prompt EVER. It's been a ton of fun, and I feel all giggly and smooshy inside to think that I've completed this fic. I hope you enjoy this last chapter/epilogue. Stay tuned for more Joanna shenanegans :D



Joanna plays with the hem of her uniform as she waits impatiently for the airlock to open, tapping her regulation boot against the durasteel floor as the ensign in front of her works at the control panel. It’s been over eleven years since she first set eyes on the USS Enterprise, and a ball of excitement coils in her stomach as she gets ready to set foot on her again.

“Finally,” she says in a relieved tone as the doors part with the familiar whooshing sound, and she strides forward into the corridor, coming face to face with a handsome blonde man in a mustard gold tunic. She grins and rushes forward to hug the man tightly, giggling into his shoulder as his arms come around her in a bear hug. She plants a kiss on his cheek before drawing back from him to give a little salute and a cheeky grin. “Captain Kirk, Ensign McCoy reporting for duty.” 

“Jo,” Kirk says in the joking tone that Joanna remembers from her childhood. His blue eyes are dancing as he frowns down at her. She notes the fine lines beginning to appear around his eyes, creases bracketing his mouth that she hadn’t noticed three years ago when she left for the academy. “Who gave you permission to grow up?” 

“I did, now get your hands off my daughter, Jim,” A surly voice comes from behind the Captain, and Joanna’s eyes prickle with tears despite the promises she made to herself on the shuttle up from the academy. The Enterprise had been delayed at the neutral zone, so her parents on the ship had missed her graduation. She didn’t realize how much she’d miss having her dad around to nag her all the time until she had to be separated again. She feels like that nine year old that cried in her father’s arms so many years ago. She peers around Kirk’s shoulder to see her dad standing with crossed arms and familiar scowl on his face. “Who knows what space diseases you’ve contracted since I’ve stopped hypospraying you every day.” 

“Don’t be such a grouch, Len,” A calm female voice chides from behind Joanna. She turns and sees Christine coming down the hallway, blue lab coat swirling around her ankles, blonde hair in a tidy bun at the top of her head. Christine smiles and opens her arms as Joanna rushes forward, the older woman crushing her in a tight embrace. Joanna smiles as she breathes in the scent of apples that she will forever associate with the nurse-turned-doctor. “Joey, sweetie, you look wonderful. Let me see you.” 

“Chris,” Joanna says; her voice a bit hoarse from choking back the urge to cry while giggling like a lunatic at seeing her adopted family all around her. While Christine fusses over her dress uniform and insignia, Joanna feels her father come up beside her and put an arm around her shoulders. His hair is going a bit grey at the temples, but he is relatively unchanged from the rainy day he dropped her off in San Francisco for the entrance ceremony to the academy. “Chris, honestly, I’m fine. You’re embarrassing me in front of the crew,” Joanna squirms a bit under her fussing, but is secretly pleased that she has been missed so much. Christine just smiles and kisses her forehead before moving out of the way to stand beside Joanna’s dad. 

“Ensign McCoy,” Spock says; his face impassive as always as he and Uhura step forward to greet her. Spock had become more than a playmate as Joanna grew up; he organized a schedule on the ship for her to learn with each of the different departments about how they worked in the daily running of the ship; a factor that allowed her to pass the difficult Academy entrance exam on the first try as well as shortening her training to three years. He was a strange mix of teacher, uncle, and playmate to Joanna, and she was touched when he reached out with a steady hand to give her a slightly ratty stuffed sehlat. “I believe this item was appropriated by your brother upon your departure for the Academy. I have taken the liberty to trade some glucose-heavy items for its retrieval. It is what I believe humans refer to as a ‘welcome home present’.” 

“I,” Joanna feels a tear roll down her cheek, and she sniffles slightly as she hugs the stuffed animal closer to her. “I don’t know what to say. Thank you, all of you.” She smiles at the crew members clustered down the halls, all familiar faces after a decade in deep space. Keenser blinks at her from his position beside Scotty, who looks suspiciously close to tears himself. 

“Well, this is going to be confusing. We have two officers named McCoy, that’s going to take some fancy com talk,” Kirk teases as he comes alongside his senior officers, giving a wink to Commander Uhura as he pauses beside her and ignores the glare she gives him in return. Joanna’s smile is so big she feels like it will crack her face, she’s so happy. “Maybe we can call you mini-McCoy or something. Or we can just call your father ‘Bones’ officially and have done with it.” 

“For the love of –” her father’s complaint is stifled by a quick pinch to the thigh from his former nurse, and Joanna laughs with Kirk and Uhura at the scandalized look on McCoy’s face. “Goddamnit woman,” he growls, and Joanna rolls her eyes at the fake display. 

“Be nice, it’s her first day back,” Christine says, her eyebrow arched in defiance. Joanna’s happy to see that some things will always stay the same no matter how long she’s gone – her father’s surly nature one of them, and Christine’s brazenness another. 

“I’m always ‘nice’,” McCoy says with a scowl, blinking as his friends break out into snorts or chuckles of laughter, and Spock raises his eyebrow. He rolls his eyes and throws his free hand up into the air, as Kirk shakes his head. “Well fine. Let’s get this show on the road, this mean old man doesn’t fancy standing around in a hallway for the entire day. I’ve got a slice of pecan pie in the mess with my name on it.” 

“Captain,” Joanna says as soon as she’s stopped giggling, her eyes bright as she tugs her uniform into place. Her face is solemn as she stands at attention. She’s been working towards this moment for the past three years, and not even a grouchy father or a stuffed sehlat tucked under her arm is going to take any of the importance away. “Permission to come aboard, sir?” 

“Granted, Ensign.” Kirk says firmly, gives her a wink as he herds the crew down the corridor to give the family some privacy. Everyone but her father heads down the hallway, giving her hugs or greetings as they move towards the mess hall for the official celebration. Then it is just her and her father standing in the hallway while the Enterprise hums quietly in the background. 

“Joanna,” McCoy says his tone soft instead of gruff. Joanna turns to him as he brushes a whiskery kiss on her forehead. She closes her eyes and hugs him tight as he smiles into her hair, and she grins against his chest. 

“Yes, Daddy?” 

“Welcome home.”



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