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Well. I'm having interesting computer problems of late, I may have to use another comp to post things. How annoying -_-" Anywhoo, here's the first section of our favourite medical team's next meetup - as soon as the second half gets returned to me, I'll fight another round with LJ to try and post it. Thanks for your patience with my slow updates! Enjoy! Special thanks to [personal profile] seren_ccd  , [livejournal.com profile] lovelessnoire  , [personal profile] southern_heaven  and [livejournal.com profile] sinstralpride  for either looking this over, listening to me babble, or just being awesome :D

Title: Vodka
Author: [profile] down_fell_jill 
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Chapel/McCoy
Series: Five Drinks
Progress: Part 1/2
Previous: 1) Burbon
A/N: Written for McCoy-a-thon
, Prompt by [livejournal.com profile] eclecticmuse 

Summary: “Oh for the love of – don’t kick me, girl,” The cadet wrapped a hand around her ankle to capture her foot, and looked up, hazel eyes locking on to her blue ones. There was a flash of recognition between the two of them before the cadet – Leonard, Christine remembered – scowled at the flight officer. “I told you, I am a goddamned Doctor.” 

Pt. 1 - Shuttle

“Is anyone here a doctor?”

Christine frowned and glanced back down the aisle, her curiosity piqued by the call coming from the back of the ship. Several other passengers began murmuring, but no one raised a hand or showed in any other way that they were willing to help. Christine arched an eyebrow; she had a feeling that she was going to have to deal with whatever was going on. A frenzied looking flight officer backed out of the washroom at the end of the corridor before turning to look at the passengers. Christine closed her eyes and counted down from five, hoping that someone would stand up to help.

“Sir, please, I’m trying to find someone to help you, but we’ve already left the ground –” The flight officer’s words ended on a snap, and Christine craned her neck to try to make out the words inside the low grumble that were coming from the restroom. Christine sighed to herself and unsnapped her seatbelt before making her way carefully down the narrow isle to the back of the cabin.

“Ensign Chapel,” Christine announced herself as she reached the harried flight officer. She smoothed her hands down her blue cadet uniform, and hoped whatever she had to deal with wouldn’t stain her dress blues. She had put this on this specifically for her meeting, and she would be really pissed if she had to spend credits on another set. Her hand drifted into her carryall to grab a portable tricorder her instructors had demanded the cadets carry everywhere. “I have medical training, what seems to be the problem? Are we required to land?”

“Damnit,” A familiar growly voice echoed out of restroom beside them, pinging something in Christine’s memory. Christine tilted her head to look inside, and saw a large man sitting with his head between his knees on top of the toilet seat. He was hunched over in a concerning way, so Christine wrapped her hands around the scanner and padd of her medical tricorder and squeezed herself into the space. “I told you, I don’t need a damn Doctor. I just need to be left alone until we dock.”

“Sir, you really have to return to your seat,” The flight officer looked like he was about to keel over from the stress of the incident, and Christine took pity on the kid. He looked all of fifteen and was probably only supposed to see to customer safety instead of any larger responsibility in the ship. She gave him a sunny smile and patted his shoulder with her free hand.

“We’ll be fine in here for a bit, how about you go and get me some water and I’ll see if I can convince our friend to sit down,” Christine put on her best ‘bedside voice’ as her instructor called it, modulated after the flat, cool accent her mother was so proud of and her father despised. The lump of cadet at her feet stirred a bit, and grumbled, so she nudged him with her toe to get him to be quiet.

“Oh for the love of – don’t kick me, girl,” The cadet wrapped a hand around her ankle to capture her foot, and looked up, hazel eyes locking on to her blue ones. There was a flash of recognition between the two of them before the cadet – Leonard, Christine remembered – scowled at the flight officer. “I told you, I am a goddamned Doctor.”

“What are you doing here,” Christine asked, stunned to see her mystery man from a year ago in a shuttle at the Academy. Her eyes flew over his face which was too pale with lips that were nearly bloodless. She knelt immediately and started scanning him, frowning when she couldn’t detect any pathogens or obvious health concerns with her tricorder. “I’m not reading anything; do you have any prior conditions? Something that won’t show up on my scans?”

“Sure I do,” Leonard’s voice dipped into that low growly tone that brought up the memories of their previous encounter as Christine took the water from the nervous flight officer as she rolled up her sleeves. She hesitated slightly when she realized how high her dress skirt was riding up her bare thigh, but reasoned that he’d pretty much seen all of her anyway. “It’s called aviaphobia, and this moron ignored the notation on my ticket and sat me at a window.”

“You put him near a window?” Christine whipped her head around to face the flight officer with an aggravated look on her face. The kid looked frightened as he realized that she was no longer on his side, but Christine really didn’t care as she pressed her hands to the sides of Leonard’s face and checked skin condition, realizing he might be in the early stages of a panic attack. “He’s got a fear of flying strong enough to merit a notation, and you put him near a window? Were you born stupid or did your mama drop you a few too many times,” Christine huffed as she rearranged herself at Leonard’s side, her drawl coming through due to anger and worry. “Now close that door and leave us be, if you don’t want to explain to Medical in spacedock why your idiocy damn near knocked out a Cadet.”

 The flight officer stammered a ‘yes ma’am’ before shutting the door and retreating, leaving Christine and Leonard alone in the restroom with only the humming of the power unit to keep them company.

“Why’d he listen to you,” Leonard groused as Christine dipped a hand towel in water from the sink and began wiping at his face. “I must have growled at him for twenty minutes about this damn deathtrap.”

“Well,” Christine sighed as she threw the washcloth beside her and settled onto her knees more comfortably. “I’d say it’s because right now I look a damn sight more pretty than you do and have twice the social manner. Why are you taking a shuttle if you’re aviaphobic? Why didn’t you just take the transporter?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Leonard said, his eyes getting rather large and slightly crazed looking from his perch above her. He ran a shaking hand through his now neat brown hair, making it a bit more wild looking and akin to the night she met him in the bar. “Scattering my molecules about before reassembling them on some rickety transporter pad? How is that any better than flying in this deathtrap?”

“Oh sugar,” Christine smiled slightly, amused by his crotchety thinking and manner. “You’re just chock full o’crazy, aintcha.” She frowned slightly, and mentally slapped herself for not keeping it professional. He was on the edge of an anxiety attack and she was drawling at him like she wanted in his pants, not staying cool and calm as a nurse should. She raised an eyebrow as an idea came to her, but she wanted to make sure she’d be doing the right thing and not furthering his condition. “Are you really a doctor?”

“Of course I’m a damn doctor,” Leonard rolled his eyes, his hands clenched on his kneecaps so hard his fingers were white. Christine lifted her own to pry his up, and ran her thumbs in soothing circles on his palms. His eyes had a spark of interest in them as he looked down at her, and Christine figured he must have a pretty exciting view down the dip of her dress blues. “I’m not really in the position to give you any sort of examination now, honey.”

“Endorphins,” Christine stated, trying to focus on her plan and not how his drawling out honey made her instantly wet from remembering the last time he had cause to call her that. She let her fingers roam over the backs of his hands in a soothing motion while her brow furrowed in thought. “If I increase your endorphins, you should come down from this anxiety attack, right?”

“You happen to have a hypospray tucked into that rather tight uniform of yours?” Leonard leaned forward, his eyes closing with strain as he put his head to rest on her shoulder. His breath came in puffs against her exposed collarbone, the man was clearly reaching his limit with thoughts about the shuttle and it’s flying through the atmosphere into orbit. Christine did a mental check, and figured they had about ten minutes before the shuttle would dock into the space station, she hoped she could distract him for long enough. “It’s almost enough to take my mind off the fiery ball of death we’ll become if a stray speck of dust gets through the shields.”

“I’ve got something better than a hypospray,” Christine shrugged slightly, Leonard moving back as he got the hint that she needed to use her shoulders. A brown lock of hair fell down her cheek as she smiled up at him impishly. She splayed a hand on his chest to push him backwards before climbing up onto his lap. His eyes opened wide even as he moved his feet to brace her added weight, his hands moving up her knees to where her uniform was bunched up against her hips. Christine slid the zipper down the front of his uniform jacket, revealing the black wife beater he wore underneath. “I think we’re gonna have an interesting ride here, sugar.”

“Oh,” Leonard’s gaze was riveted to her chest as Christine arched slightly to adjust herself, her breasts straining against the dark blue fabric. His hands went firmly around her ass as Christine rolled her hips into his pelvis, pleased to feel him shifting between her legs as the visuals began to affect him. “This is different.” He licked his lips and Christine bent down to follow his tongue back into his mouth with her own, her fingers going to his abs to move her fingers in random patterns below his navel. The kiss was wet, hot and thorough; Christine felt like he was pouring all of his energy into the movements of his tongue against hers, and she moaned a bit wantonly into his mouth.

When they parted for air her breath was hitched, and his was shallow but in a better way than before. Christine grinned in satisfaction as she saw his cheeks had colour again, and his lips were swollen and red from their kisses. She rocked against him in a more forceful move, feeling another part of him swollen under her. He pushed upwards in response, Christine shuddering as the alignment between their positions meant that they were rubbing each other at exactly the right points.

“Different... in a good way, right sugar,” Christine panted, slipping back into her N’awlins accent like she had cornered some homme from down the bayou, not like a junior nurse dry humping a doctor in a shuttlecraft. She let out a little giggle when Leonard tilted his head to start kissing at her neck. “Cher, don’t be leaving no marks now, this uniform don’t exactly hide much. I’ve got important – ah, parfait – people at the station.”

“Meetin’ someone special, darlin’?” Leonard’s hands had a near bruising grip on her hip bones as he altered the angle of their shared motion so that she moved along his whole length with every roll of their hips. His breath was hot against her throat and Christine shuddered as his stubble rasped along the underside of her chin as he moved to whisper in her ear. “I don’t think I’m of a mind to share you, right now. Whatever puppy you have panting after you I’ll just have to kick to the curb. I was here first.” He slipped his hand to the front of her panties on that last sentence and moved his thumb expertly to her clit.

Mon Dieu,” Christine swore, tilting her head back as she moved with his motion. Her eyes almost closed as she mused of the advantages of having sex with a doctor – they knew exactly how to best manipulate anatomy to their interests. She bit her lip hard as he thrust upward with his hips; her lidded eyes locking on to his. Leonard’s eyes were focused on her face, and that brought her dizzyingly close to the edge. She brought her mouth crashing down to his as she heard the hum indicating the impulse engines were turning off. She sucked hard on his bottom lip, knowing that they only had a minute or so before they would have to leave, and she was determined to properly treat her patient. “Maintenant... now doctor,” she growled against his mouth.

“Yes ma’am,” Leonard let out a small laugh and applied the right amount of pressure in the right way to send her writhing on his lap and biting into the cloth of his shoulder to hold back her cries so they wouldn’t attract attention. She hadn’t been with anyone since him, and a year was a long time to go without a partner for release. She almost sobbed into the junction of his neck and shoulder from the absence of tension when she felt him stiffen underneath her. She quickly put her mouth over his to swallow his shout as his hips slammed up into hers to milk the friction as best as they could given the tight confines of the shuttle restroom.

“Well,” Christine chuckled as she released his mouth, licking her lips as the shuttle jerked from connecting to the space station. She grinned down at him, her hair tumbling down around her face in a mess of near midnight curls. “I wasn’t planning on getting that far with excitement... Cadet.”

“Oh really, Cadet,” Leonard’s grumble was definitely softened by the pleased look on his face as Christine tugged his undershirt back into place before zipping his uniform up. She eased herself backwards off his lap, and tugged down her own skirt, checking it over worriedly for any stains or creases. He sat sprawled on the seat in front of her, a damp patch rather noticeable on the bright red of his cadet uniform and the air of a well sexed man in his manner and his expression. “After all this, you’re callin’ me a cadet? I’m a doctor girl, and don’t you think that because you helped me out here you can start sassin’ me.”

“Technically, Cadet,” Christine started piling her hair back up into its regulation coils as she arched a dark brow at the man sitting in front of her. “I outrank you. You haven’t been called to Starfleet Medical to face the board; meaning that on any Federation ship you’re a civilian until you complete the Academy. You may refer to me by my rank.” She gave him a saucy wink as he stood up to press against her in the small space.

“Alright, Ensign,” He drawled in her ear, and Christine felt the butterflies get active in her stomach all over again. His large warm hands tugged at the bottom of her skirt to neaten it before running tight to her curves up to the small of her back. “As the superior officer and the reason for my current... state of dress, how do you propose we get off this boat without giving that kid a heart attack.”

“Simple,” Christine tugged her carry all off the ground and put it over his shoulders, moving out of the warm circle of his arms to arrange the pack so that it covered the evidence of her rather unorthodox treatment of his phobia. She canted her head to analyze the final picture, and figured the flush in his cheeks could be attributed to the stress of his situation. “We’re gonna walk right off, and go our separate ways.”

“So I’ll just walk off with your bag, and what, that’s it for another year or more?” Leonard’s brow drew down into an angry frown, and Christine smiled with pleasure at the thought that he wanted to see her again. She heard the other passengers moving outside the door and figured they should get moving before they aroused suspicion.

“Sugar,” Christine leaned in for a quick kiss before putting her hand on the doorknob and a crooked smile. “I was trying to be subtle in givin’ you a reason to see me again.” He growled lightly as she moved away from him, opening the door behind her back so she could move into the corridor. He looked at her with blatant interest, and Christine felt her belly tighten with want in response. She was dangerously attracted to this man she’d only met twice.

“You’re in medical, right?” Leonard’s said in a gruff tone as he rooted around in his pocket for something while he ushered her in front of him down the aisle of the shuttle to the exit. They both ignored the flight officer who was beet red and studiously not looking in their direction as they left. Leonard’s hand was warm at the small of her back and she leaned into him as they moved slowly down the ramp.

Oui,” Christine replied in teasing French; she had noticed how his eyes crinkled in amusement whenever she broke into it while they were together. “I’m on a fast-track for nursing; I should have my qualification within a year and a half, tops.”

“Here,” Leonard shoved a flyer into her hand, and she took it with surprise as he paused beside her, his cheeks slightly red in a way she found ridiculously charming. He put a hand to the back of his neck in a sheepish gesture, and Christine wanted to run her fingers over his brow to get rid of the nervous look that had taken over his face. “When you’re done... whatever you’re here for, see if you can fit that in. My friend was supposed to come be a friendly face in the crowd, but he had to go meet some friend of his father’s for something. I mean, if you want.”

“Sure,” Christine didn’t bother to look down at the flyer, her own cheeks went red as she decided she’d rearrange whatever she had to in order to see him again. They smiled at each other nervously, and Christine kind of felt like a nervous teen making a date for prom. Her name was called, and she turned her head to track the origin. Her sister and an older man in a strange black uniform were seated at a table about fifty metres away. Christine turned to Leonard with an apologetic look on her face and small smile. “I have to go, time to impress the brass.”

“You’re fantastic,” Leonard said in a reassuring tone before giving her a kiss to the cheek and a raising an eyebrow. “Good luck... ma’am.”

“Cadet,” Christine nodded, breaking the moment with an amused snort. They both turned away to their respective routes, and Christine read the flyer clutched in her hand as she makes her way over to her sister and the captain beside her, plotting out her next meeting with the man who had captured her attention.

‘Dr. Leonard McCoy, speaking on the topic of Astrophobia in this year’s Federation Medical consortium...’

Next: Vodka pt. two
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