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I've become so involved with friending memes and twittering and chats with people in the AWESOME ontd_startrek group that sometimes I forget that I really only joined the online commuity a month ago. I've been branching out into reading other fandoms on LJ, and I find all these moderated groups with rather involved applications about proving that you're 18, and showing that your active in the fandom.

That's realllllly strange to me.

Not the 18+, I get the idea that you don't want kids reading your PWP fics, or seeing art that's slight NSFW or youngish eyes, but why do you have to be active in fandom? I mean, if you're writing these stories and drawing these pieces of art, aren't you doing that to share with other people? Maybe others aren't quite as confident in their artistic abilities and just want to read/look at peoples fic and art - I don't really understand why that's a bad thing. I'm glad to have any comment about my work, even just a ":)" because it means someone enjoyed what I spent time on - I don't really care if they also write fic, I'm just happy that they liked what I did, ya know?

Maybe I'm missing out on some important internet ettiquite by bringing this up, but as someone relatively new to this whole shebang, and who has been welcomed by an awesome lovely group of people, I just want to know what I'm getting into should I attempt to join a HIMYM community or what have you.

Thoughts, dear flist? Most of you have been around more than little old n00b me *blushes*

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